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Hello guys today I bring you a new MOD, so ready to Download Among Us APK MOD APK v2021.12.15 (Mod Menu, All Unlocked) Updated for Android 2022, I hope you enjoy it and share it with your friends.
Innersloth LLC
February 07, 2022
Android 6.0
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Among Us MOD APK

among us mod many features

Are you a crazy fan of Among Us and find any way to win every match? If yes, Among Us Mod Apk would be the best for you. With its invisible wall and always impostor feature, you will win every game and become the best impostor.

If you become a crewmate, then it’s time to find the imposters and stop them from killing your crewmate using security cameras and admin maps.

Among Us is an action game developed by Innersloth. It is a multiplayer game that will put 4 to 10 players at a time in a spaceship ready to go. One or more players will become impostors and pretend to kill the other plays on the team.

In Among Us, you and other players will play as crew members of a spaceship, get ready to go out into space. However, there are impostors in the crew who will sabotage their operations. Not only that, but impostors will kill your crew members and all members of your team.

You and your crew members must react quickly to undo the impostor’s sabotage. Be careful not to be killed by traitors or impostors. Need to quickly report if you find any dead bodies so you and your teammates can start discussing who the imposters are? You can also play the role of impostors in the game as a challenge to others.

What is Among Us Mod Apk?

Among Us Mod Apk is a modified version (Hacked) of the official game Among Us . You can enjoy all the modified features like always impostor mode, no wall, all unlocked skins and many others.

You will also get unlimited emergency meetings, which means you can hold emergency meetings and have more chances to win the game.

  • Become an impostor every time
  • Organize an emergency meeting for unlimited time
  • Run at very high speed
  • Unlocked and skins, pets and hats.
  • Find who is impostor and crewmate

One of the best things about this game is that we can change the color of the character, control the music and SFX (special effect) . The game has very easy to use controls where you can use a joystick to control the movement of the character.

Among Us can also be annoying for most of the players who want to be impostors instead of the crew. This makes it difficult to fill the task bar because frustrated crew members exit the game. Another annoying thing about this is that it only has one map. With this, the impostor’s cockpit easily kills the crew members.

It is a game can be played online and offline which means you can play this game with your friend online and with local friends. More information..

Features of Among Us Mod Apk:

As we know, Among Us is one of the most popular games right now . With its unique gameplay and multiplayer, it goes viral in no time.

So, below I have highlighted some features of Among Us Mod Menu Apk . If you are new to and still confused about downloading this modified version, the following feature will definitely help you make up your mind.

always impostor

Among Us does not allow you to choose the role of imposters ourselves. Which means the game’s AI system randomly picks anyone as an impostor. But with this modified game, you can become an imposter whenever you want. Turn on “Always Impostor Mode” in this MOD MENU and you are good to go.

Impostors have more abilities than crewmates, which means you can use the vent and unlock and doors.

All skins unlocked

The skins is nothing more than the dress / clothes of your character in the game. You can choose a simple looking character or you can customize the character to your liking.

For customization, you need to choose your player’s skin, color, and hats. But keep remembering that if someone has chosen any skin, then you can’t choose that one.

All pets unlocked

Pets are small creatures that will follow the player around the spaceship. All pets have a unique animation and unique reactions when their “owner” dies.

In A mong Us Mod Apk , all pets are unlocked which means you can choose one of them for your character.

Unlimited emergency meetings

The normal mode of Among Us has limited varieties of emergency meetings. Also, it has limited emergency mounting requirements. But in this Among Us Mod Apk , your emergency meeting limits are unlimited.

You can also stop voting if you are on the suspect list, so you cannot participate in the vote.

unlocked hats

There are various hats for the players with which the player can customize their character. In the Halloween update, some more hats were introduced, hats like Jason’s mask, demon horns, and a knife, etc.

If you update your game, you will get other new hats like Santa hat, Antlers hat, etc. Hats in Among Us are free, but some hats need money to customize your character.

Some more features

Below are some more features that you might love.

  • Supports up to 10 players per match
  • intriguing concept
  • Offers character customization
  • Online and offline mode

FAQ de Among Us Mod Apk

Friends, I know that some questions are arising in your minds related to this trending Among Us game. Below I have tried to answer all the frequently asked questions related to Among Us Mod Apk .

If you have other queries related to Among Us or you think I didn’t answer your question, feel free to comment. I would love to answer your questions.



  • masks unlocked
  • unlocked hats
  • pets unlocked
  • no ads


  • Player speed (slider)
  • Ghost Player Speed ​​(Slider)
  • Player color (slider)
  • no cooling
  • All pets unlocked
  • All hats unlocked
  • All skins unlocked
  • light increase
  • Report Distance Increase
  • Off the map [After the first vote]
  • No door tamper cooldown
  • No Kill Cooldown
  • illegal name
  • No Emergency Cooling
  • unlimited emergencies
  • no ads
  • fake god mode
  • Make Everyone Green [Visual]
  • Move around during tasks/meetings/menus
  • Chat Always Visible
  • Close Doors (Spinner)
  • Repair systems (Spinner)
  • System sabotage (rotator)
  • Noclip
  • Player 2/3 = Impostor
  • Username Bypass
  • Fake Impostor [Activate in the lobby, then deactivate in the game]
  • Random tasks [1]
  • always impostor
  • Complete all tasks
  • Voting never ends
  • Impostor Count [0-10] (Slider)
  • Finish the vote (Spinner)
  • Random hat swap [Only wear one of these]
  • Random skin change [Only use one of these]
  • Game Over [Screen may turn black] (Spinner)
  • Random pet change [Only use one of these]
  • Random color change [Only use one of these]
  • Location Teleporter [Beta]
  • Vote for a player (spinner)


  • You can choose any clothes, hat, and pet (after connecting to the room, go to your laptop, click Customize, and select the things you want in the Hat, Pet, and Skin sections).


  • [Player Menu]
    • Show Team/Imposter
    • Don’t kill cooldown
    • end vote
    • moving meeting
    • Unlimited emergency meetings
    • No meeting cooldown
    • No door cooldown [Imposters]
    • Force everyone into the vent
    • Force all leave ventilation
    • tamper lights
    • tamper repair
    • torch distance
    • close doors
    • See Ghost + Chat
    • complete tasks
    • select text
    • Unwanted mail
    • color picker
    • vote color
    • [Motion Menu] –
  • Speed
  • [ Host Menu ]
    • Always impostor –
    • End of the game [Impostors win]
    • End of the game [Crew wins]
    • Instant Win [enable before starting]
    • random colors
    • random hats
    • random skins
    • random pets
    • Rename everyone
  • [ Account Menu ]
    • masks unlocked
    • pets unlocked
    • unlocked hats
  • [Miscellaneous menu]
    • no ads
    • No absence penalty
    • Augmented Report [Buggy]
    • Confirm injected
    • long death
    • Player 2/3 = Impostor [Requires Impostor to always be on]
  • [Passive]
    • Chat always visible
    • Bypass quick chat lock
    • Guest authorization bypassed

How to install Among Us MOD APK

  1. Uninstall the original version of Google Play if you had it previously installed.
  2. Download our Modified APK
  3. Allow installation of apps from unknown sources from your device settings.
  4. Start the installation of the downloaded APK file, wait until the process is finished.
  5. Ready! enjoy Among Us with everything unlocked.

NOTE: If you want to know more about the installation of APK , APKs and OBB go to our Installation Guide most complete

  • Is it possible to login with Google+? No. _
  • Is it possible to login to Facebook? Yes . But remove your Facebook app from the device (You can also freeze it).
  • Is it possible to log in to a specific game account (for example: HIVE)? Yes .

What's new

Among Us became the first trending game on the Google Play Store. Due to its challenging modes and unique concept, people love this game.

But as we know, everyone wants to become an impostor as it is one of the most challenging tasks in the game. With this Ever Impostor Mode of Among Us, you can do it with ease.

If you like this modified version of the game, don't forget to share it with your friends who love Among Us. Also, if you are facing any problem regarding Among Us Mod Apk , or if any feature is not working for you, then comment. I would love to solve all your queries.


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